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Who We Are

So, who is behind this nice place? 
Neil Taylor, has been involved with the internet since its infancy, and he has many years of experience, of what works and what does not. Most important, is that we understand the frustrations and confusion that people are faced with each day.

 Our aim is to offer help and support to a very high level, but most important, is that we listen to what you want, and we will find a solution for you. You do not need to know any techie/geek talk, as we speak in plain English, and we will work with you, and not against you.

 We charge a very fair price for our web hosting packages, and also for the work that we do. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and satisfied customers will recommend us to others.

Sandra Taylor has been involved with A Nice Place since 2006, and is now partner with Neil. Sandra mainly works on the accounting and admin side, though she has learned a lot about the internet, web sites, ecommerce, social media, online communication and more along the way. If you have a query about domain and web hosting costs or renewals, as well as web design and ecommerce solution costs, she will be able to assist. We do also have advertising/sponsorship space on some of our sister sites. Sandra’s main background is Biological research (for which she has used computers for the last 24 years), and she also ran her own business in the past. Our aim is to make A Nice Place a customer-focussed experience and ensure that you get the service that you need at a fair price.  We are here to help.

An enviable portfolio

We keep our client portfolio confidential,and we have clients that we have worked with us since the 1990's We have been providing ecommerce solutions since the start of the millenium.

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From ecommerce

From a complex ecommerce site, to a bespoke web site? If you require a mailing list we have our own bespoke system, make sure you look professional and stear clear from third party solutions like Mail chimp! 

Design,graphics and art work

Between what we offer and working with our partner agencies we can provide you with fully customised design, graphic and art work solutions. 

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